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No Babies this year, 2016!

This may come as a surprise to many who read this.  Why would a breeder not use their mares as much as possible?  There are many reasons but this one is the essence of serendipity.  Two beautiful foals last year, five fillies the year before and we have only sold two of the fillies.  One lovely to a fellow breeder and another to a family who fell in love.  At the end of the season (2015) we thought we would take a break as we would be in training mode with all these youngsters and we are in our golden years….nuff said.  As is turns out, the decision was perfect as we are now spending a great deal of time traveling back and forth to the cancer center at Mercy in Springfield.  The out come is good but it is time consuming and emotionally training as it becomes our new job.  As I write, there are two young ladies feeding the herd and tending to all that needs done in the evenings, in spite of a hellacious wind a blowing from the North!  They are among my angel crew.  The others are dear friends who provide some of the transport as well as spend time with us.  In case you have never thought of it, visits are uplifting and therapeutic.  All apart of good patient care.  What the Docs cannot fix, friends make up for!  So there you have it!  Enjoy the photos and know that these will be three this year and will get to learn a lot of new things!!!!

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Lemons to Lemonade: Biloxi’s Tree Art

As you know, had I not been so fortunate to raise horses and love my days with them, my next passion is art. It has always been right up there at the top with equines….so thought it only apropriate to share other art.


IMG_3212 - Version 2

Imagine 125 mph winds and a storm surge 22 feet tall on an unprotected white sand beach. In Biloxi, Mississippi on August 29, 2005 this was the cataclysmic reality when Hurricane Katrina ripped through the city.

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Spring Has Arrived!

Second and last for 2015

Second and last for 2015

The grass here in SW Missouri is green, the trees are just beginning to take on ever so faint hues of green, yellow, red (Red Bud trees are fully budded).  It is such a relief after so very many grey days! Foaling time brings another breath of new to the world.  This year there are only two.  A filly and a colt ….hard to pick which I like best!

CHF Michelena!!!!

CHF Michelena!!!!

First born...

First born…

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Queuing for the Head

An interesting tale of the Head.

Queuing for the Head.

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Take care of your horse’s teeth

Take care of your horse’s teeth.

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CHF Traveler

First drive of the year…Traveler has been brought on slowly and carefully. He, like all horses, need time and miles, but in his seventh year, he is settled and going well. He has been off and on the market as I have really enjoyed working with him, but he is a good age to go on to a someone looking for a smaller driving horse that will enjoy his sweet personality and use him regularly. He is currently priced at $12,000 and we will ship if that price is agreeable. Otherwise, we will consider all offers based on experience and location.

Please excuse the quality of the video.  It runs fast and slow and I am just an amateur!

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6 weird ways to ride better

Great ideas for better habits.

Dominion Veterinary Labs

A horse is only as balanced and disciplined as its rider. Anyone who has spent a significant chunk of time in the saddle learns to be very aware of their body. Often, we know the little quirks we need to fix – sit up taller, put your heels down, look up – but turning those improvements into muscle memory can be challenging. Here are six fun and interesting tips to help you create good riding habits. Comment below with any of your own!

1. Stick loonies under your thumb

It’s good to ride with a soft hand, but your thumb needs to hold the reins securely so they don’t slip through your fingers. Stick loonies between your thumb and the rein. Concentrating on holding the coins in place will teach you to pinch the reins tightly between your thumb and the knuckle of your forefinger.

hands_driving2. Ride with a driving…

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