Otis …Summer 2013

Hi All….we are back again with the Adventures of Otis!  Otis, being a curious colt, decided to check out the barn while his Mum was enjoying a bath!  Being in pasture is one thing, being in the yard with new things is another!  As we watch him check out the barn, the feed barrels, the wash rack and equipment….it occurs to me we can build on this curiosity through training or we can destroy it as we so often see with people who do not understand species other than themselves.  Being the first sort…..committed to proper training with understanding and patience, Otis is assured a great start in life.  His curiosity will come into play in every aspect of his ongoing time with the humans that live here.

CHF Otis


CIMG8159 CIMG8259 CIMG8260 CIMG8263 CIMG8265

CHF Otis


More Helping!

More Helping!

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co owner of Chocolate Horse Farm, breeder and trainer of Gypsy Vanner horses.
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