Chocolate Horse Farm

Chocolate Horse Farm

R.I.P. Chickee Boom Boom

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co owner of Chocolate Horse Farm, breeder and trainer of Gypsy Vanner horses.
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3 Responses to Chocolate Horse Farm

  1. You may be wondering why I am posting this, so sit for a moment and I will share a little about why I will miss this busy eccentric bird. Chickee Boom Boom was hand raised and became unusually tame for her species. She loved her mirror, untied shoe laces, scolded the cats and dog, followed me on my rounds around the farm checking on anything I checked on. We could pick her up and she would scold some for that but never tried to get away. I believe she behaved this way due to lack of others of her species. Whatever it was she became a special, humorous part of our days.
    Lately she developed a disdain for the tractor attacking the tires relentlessly. This morning, the tractor was just too big and too much. David dispatched her after realizing she was mortally wounded. She will be missed. All life is precious…even an oddball bird!

  2. Helen Claiborne says:

    So sorry for your loss. I have enjoyed a single pet guinea for over ten years. Guinea is with me when ever I am outside, and sneaks into my house when I am not looking.
    Guineas are loyal and fun friends.
    Again, sorry for your loss .

  3. jodie says:

    So sorry Carol, know you will miss her

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