Life is precious!

Life is precious!

The first of what turned out to be five fillies! Five in Five! The day began as every day, Dudley waking me around 5am…it is March and it is dark! But I made a cup of tea thinking, I will get him fed and do my morning pages ( an exercise in creativity) before heading for the barn to check the mares. Only two are in, one ready to foal and the other to keep her company. Isolation is not a calming situation for horses or anyone accustomed to a support system. Soon, the cup is empty and “morning pages” and complete. Note: I am writing about ‘Poop” this am. Having heard the second time Lois Lerner of the IRS has taken the fifth ( a denial to tell the truth about her knowledge of the events that led to the discovery the IRS had been discriminating against certain non-profit applications and politically connected organizations and individuals.) The whole ‘poop’ idea just evolved …..guess you will just have to read it. In the meantime, enjoy the babies as we post them the day of their arrival…even if it is in hindsight! You will see them in the order they come into the world. This one will be registered as CHF Talbot’s Tillie.

About chocolatehorsefarmgypsyhorses

My husband, David and I own and operate Chocolate Horse Farm in SW MO. We began importing in 2001, one of the longest farms still operating and dedicated to a special breed of horse known as the Gypsy Vanner Horse. We maintain and train an average of 24 horses , with the assistance of some special people. As for the sale of CHF horses, it is a match we take seriously. Therefore, more information will be required of buyers in an effort to put the best horse with the best human. Thank you for visiting!
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  1. Well, the best intentions are apt to run a-rye… you will note in looking at my posts….not in order, but all present and accounted for!

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