The Ground Hog Says…..

Well, the critters and humans on Chocolate Horse Farm really don’t believe anything a ground hog says, but we do know it is cold!  There will be no babies this year as we have spent much time dealing with the big “C”.  For those of our readers who are not aware, we began a journey into the world of the cancer patient in late 2015. It is truly a journey, humbling, challenging, and at times exhausting; but we are surrounded by a tremendous support team, without whom it would be a lonely road. They are all incredibly special.

We did attend the 2016 Gypsy show at the Missouri State Fair with Hobbs, our first colt in quite a few years.  We are especially pleased with him but time only will tell whether he becomes the latest member of our small gelding herd.  Cracker, one of our three original imports, is still with us and it goes without saying, but I will anyway, he has been the very best boy one could imagine. There isn’t much he hasn’t done and done well.  Then there is Traveler.  Seems several farms have one….a Traveler that is!  He is just under 14hh and is awesome regardless whether in harness or under saddle.  As much fun as we have had with him, it would be good to see him with someone wanting a solid horse to show. Next, we have Otis, named for a very special man, Otis Fulbright. Otis is a big do ta do boy as I like to think of him.  So typical Gypsy.. with a laid back manner, in your pocket, giving kiddy rides even before any formal training, and now a solid driving horse.  He too needs a home where his personality will be needed and appreciated.   Fitzwilly fits in here as a good solid driving horse after nine months of road driving nearly every day.  He was our right brain introvert, good days bad days….all of which got worked out on the day to day routine that was put in place.  Sid is in this group, an older gelding, half Arab half Gypsy, and is also a well started and going driving horse.  A tad, well, maybe more than a tad….lazy, yet responsive.  Older, perfect for a green driver taking lessons.  Can be ridden, prefers the younger set.  I have to mention my big boy, 16hh The Broker, a big red quarter horse out of my lovely Toll Free and Easy by the now gone to horsey heaven, The Diversified One.  Broker is a …..well, just a super good boy, green broke under saddle and with this many boys, really has led the life of Riley!!!!  There are two more… youngsters, Hobbs and Archie, both Sparky boys, but I will save them for another day.  Thanks for joining us and our little run down on the boys at Chocolate Horse Farm.

Cheers, Carol and David

About chocolatehorsefarmgypsyhorses

My husband, David and I own and operate Chocolate Horse Farm in SW MO. We began importing in 2001, one of the longest farms still operating and dedicated to a special breed of horse known as the Gypsy Vanner Horse. We maintain and train an average of 24 horses , with the assistance of some special people. As for the sale of CHF horses, it is a match we take seriously. Therefore, more information will be required of buyers in an effort to put the best horse with the best human. Thank you for visiting!
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