Spring Has Arrived!

It may have arrived but someone needs to tell the weather man we all want warming news.  There are horses to be washed and pampered, mites to be treated, manes to be braided, and tails….well that is another big job, not to mention as the grass greens it grows and we all know what that means.

The herd as it was six months ago, size wise and comfortable with my routine. To stir things up a bit, Drew is now on board after school and so welcomed.  This journey with cancer dear David and I are on is like a new job, with everything different in some way so it goes without saying, after school relief is truly a blessing.  Aside from the fact that everyone needs a good grooming they are all healthy having come through this winter in good shape.  Gypsy Vanners, on the other hand, are chronically a little voluptuous.

The two boys I am sharing today are Archie and Otis.  These were taken last summer as you can see, but since we have been a prolific filly producing farm, I thought you would enjoy a look at two of the boys…handsome devils that they are!  Bye for now.

About chocolatehorsefarmgypsyhorses

My husband, David and I own and operate Chocolate Horse Farm in SW MO. We began importing in 2001, one of the longest farms still operating and dedicated to a special breed of horse known as the Gypsy Vanner Horse. We maintain and train an average of 24 horses , with the assistance of some special people. As for the sale of CHF horses, it is a match we take seriously. Therefore, more information will be required of buyers in an effort to put the best horse with the best human. Thank you for visiting!
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